Terrace Farming

The Terrace Garden is a small space in the home where green vegetables, fruits, and flowers are grown on terraces, roofs, and balconies. The terrace garden is gaining popularity in metro cities due to the need for greener environments and paucity of space. It’s quite a good idea to grow plants in the open rooftops in cities (except the summer season) as it serves as an alternative space to grow a garden. What is a better way to use your terrace to grow nutritious food flexibly?

A Kitchen Garden is an alternative place where you can produce vegetables and herbs. It is an inexpensive, handy, and regular farming practice to develop fresh and nutritious vegetables. The kitchen garden has solved the problems of many families and continuously helps more families who have started a kitchen garden to meet the needs of green vegetables like palak, carrots, etc.

Demands of Terrace Garden and Kitchen Garden
Since farmers have been using hybrid fertilizers and other chemicals to grow vegetables and fruits faster, the quality of food is decreasing gradually. To consume quality food; many families have started terrace and kitchen garden farming to cater to their daily needs. The daily need for organic food is increasing gradually but the production is decreasing and so, the prices for organic food are increasing. To meet the needs of daily organic green vegetables, the kitchen garden or terrace farming is a need of an hour. Join Zeelco Farms and get your home rooftop, balcony, and/or terrace a mini-farm.

Plants to Grow in Terrace Farming
Well, you can start planting something from your kitchen that you use in daily cooking such as coriander, fenugreek, chili, tomato, and cucumber. Once you get to know about the farming process and gain confidence, you can move on to other vegetables. Then, you can also grow fruits like bananas, pomegranates, etc. Zeelco farms are always ready to help in growing fruits and vegetables on your rooftop.

According to the survey, a person can grow around 4-5 vegetables per season and a single square meter of the terrace can produce 25 to 45 kg of vegetables in 12 months. The most important thing is that you do not need to have farming knowledge. You can start a terrace garden without a farming background. Enthusiasm and willingness are needed to start farming at home.

What should You Choose as a Container?
Well, in urban terrace farming, there are plenty of things you can use as containers. Some of them are plastic drums, grow bags, planters, Gamla, and pots. You can easily grow plants in these containers. Once you become good at it, you can farm with complex techniques like planting in raised beds that deliver higher production than basic techniques. Soil plays an important role in kitchen gardening. The soil must be lightweight and nutritious to provide sufficient minerals to plants. Also, the soil shouldn’t get water-logged so, drainage is essential.

Crop Details
Under the net house, one can grow a variety of vegetables, fruits, and other plants from which he/she can get a higher profit. Here we have a list of vegetables, Zeelco Farms can help you grow and how much you can earn through it.

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