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A net house is a shaded structure that is made and designed using a variety of materials like wood, pipes, bamboo, iron rods, etc. The whole structure is covered by the net; hence, the name is net house. Remember that, the net used as shade isn’t an ordinary net that we use in our home. It is specially designed and made of 100% polyethylene & strings are strong enough to stabilize the UV radiation coming from the Sun. Along with this, the net also acts as a protective shield against pests and birds.

The demand for Net House:

Day by day, the Indian population is increasing and the lands for farming are decreasing gradually. Mankind knows how to grow plants under natural environment conditions but in some regions in India, the climate is extremely adverse & humans can’t grow the crops. Now the demand for vegetables and fruits is increasing, and the demand for the net house has increased as it is the only option to supply sufficient food to people shortly.

Some plants get affected negatively when they’re exposed to exorbitant sunlight. To avoid this, the net house is the preferable option. There will be a huge demand for the net house alone in India within just a couple of years. Around 20% of fibers from the Indian textile industry are expected to be utilized for just shade nets. Now, just think about the whole world.

The major reason for the higher demand is that the net house can be adjusted depending on the climate situation and maintain the temperature in the net house which is convenient for plants. The yielding of corps is easier with the net house.

Market Potential:

Since introduced to Indian farmers, they have been adopting this innovative idea of vegetable growing and cultivation. A study says that a farmer can generate 2-3 times more vegetable production with net house technology than the traditional vegetable planting process. This research shows the market potential in India. However; at an initial stage; it is a bit costlier but when considering it for the long term, this vegetable planning technology is second to none.

High Profitability:

Comparing the profit with the traditional plantation system, the net house technology helps farmers to earn a lot more. As it offers favorable microenvironment conditions for the vegetable plants, cultivation in every weather condition is possible, and also a higher yield with better quality vegetable production. Along with these, it requires less irrigation and better control of pests and bird damage. This means no cost for irrigation, no water crisis issues, and no excessive use of fertilizers & pesticides. As a result, you can get profit in a high amount with less investment in the long run.

Crop Details

Under the net house, one can grow a variety of vegetables, fruits, and other plants from which he/she can get a higher profit. Here we have a list of vegetables, Zeelco Farms can help you grow and how much you can earn through it.

Color Capsicum

The crop cycle for the Color Capsicum is around 279 to 290 days and the production starts after 45 to 50 days depending on the regions you are farming. You can grow 12000 plants with (unfortunately) around 1,000 plant mortality means you can get around 11000 productive plants. Not all plants can grow as we wish. Each plant can produce approx. 3 Kg and the average rate per Kg for Color Capsicum is 30 INR; total production would be 33,000 Kg. So, the gross profit will be around 9,90,000 INR per season.

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