Green House Projects

A greenhouse is defined as a structure made of transparent components like polyethylene threads or glass wherein vegetables and other plants are grown under controlled climate conditions. The size of the house varies depending on the requirements, it can be a small shed or a large industry-sized building. Some standard greenhouses are equipped with high-end technology like heating & cooling systems, screening, lighting, and even computerized facilities to gain the maximum profits from plant cultivation. The greenhouse is covered with polyethylene materials hence it offers ultimate protection against harmful UV rays and other natural uncertainty.

Demand for Poly House

Agriculture is one of the most important pillars of the Indian economy. But for the last couple of decades, the land for agriculture has decreased as the population has increased gradually. The supply of food is getting volatile year by year. To overcome such issues, a greenhouse is one of the most affordable and preferable options. The demand for a greenhouse is so high that even the government offers around 50% subsidy to farmers on greenhouse installation. This shows how high the demand for a greenhouse is in India.

Market Potential

A greenhouse is a boon for the small and marginal farmers who have a very limited farm to grow crops. Because, under the greenhouse, a farmer can yield crops 3-5 times higher than farming in the open field means 3-5 times higher profits. Greenhouse technology has been gaining popularity for the last decade and now more and more farmers are adopting the technology. As it offers favorable environmental conditions to the crops, there is a very low plant mortality rate. A huge market is ready to get your products cultivated in the greenhouse.

High Profitability

When it comes to discussing the profit from greenhouse projects, it’s around 5-10 higher than the traditional way of farming. Polyhouse plant growing and cultivation is 100% profitable if handled properly. However, the construction may be expensive for you but it is just a one-time investment. As said earlier, a greenhouse farming subsidy can reduce the financial burden by around 50%. In short, you will have to spend less amount to build a greenhouse and earn more through producing corps 3-5 times higher.

With greenhouse technology, you can store a large number of vegetables for a couple of days means you do not need to sell them the very next day at the price the local middleman offers. You can sell them at your rate in the market without hassles because you do not need to worry about getting the vegetables rotten on the third day of yielding.

Crop Details

Under the greenhouse, farmers can grow a wide range of vegetables, fruits flowers, and other plants from which they can generate 3-5 times higher profit. Here we have a list of vegetables and flowers, Zeelco Farms can help you grow and how much money you can earn through poly house farming.

Greenhouse Project Crop Varieties:

  • Cucumber 
  • Green Capsicum 
  • Color capsicum 
  • Dutch Rose 
  • Jarbwra 

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