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A hydroponic system (fan and pad greenhouse) is a well-controlled system of growing plants and crops using minimum soil and so sometimes it is referred to as soilless farming. The hydroponic system (Fan and Pad) can be referred to as a Fan and pad system that keeps the climate surroundings in a well-maintained condition for healthy plants & corps. This is a well-known technique used by our ancestors thousands of years ago for the proper cultivation of plants without major usage of soil. The best example of hydroponic farming is the Hanging Garden of Babylon and the Floating Garden of China. However, advanced systems need more attention and extra care to crops than traditional farming methods.

Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)

This technique is one of the most popular hydroponic systems used in the modern farming industry. In this method, essential water and nutrients are supplied to the roots of plants continuously so, they can grow at a fast pace and produce a large number of products. A reservoir pump is used to supply the required nutrition like water and air to the plants for better healthy growth.

The main benefits of the NFT are easy to install & comparatively low cost of the materials. There are two types of NFT systems available in India: horizontal and vertical NFT systems.

Dutch Bucket Grow System

The name itself says that the bucket is used in the system to grow the plants healthy. The buckets may vary in size depending on the requirements of the plants which will be grown in them. They have sufficient growing media like vermiculite that helps to grow plants at a faster speed.

Plants like tomatoes and cucumbers having larger roots are grown in a better way with the help of the Dutch bucket system.

Deepwater Culture System

This is another popular method preferable for watery crops such as lettuce, cucumber, strawberry, etc. Small buckets or containers that contain the plants with the essential growing media are free to move in the tanks. Using pumps, the air is supplied to them.

Wick System

Known as one of the basic hydroponic farming, the Wick system contains no kind of moving tools. All the required nutrients & water are poured into the root of a plant with the help of a wick which is directly connected to the growing media. By the way, this is also one of the most affordable ways to do hydroponic farming.

How Does Hydroponic System Work?

For ages, farmers in India have been using hydroponic technology to produce vegetables and flowers. This system is similar to a net house that offers a convenient and suitable surrounding environment for plant production. All the required climatic conditions in this system can be maintained in such a way that plants can grow healthy.

Crops You Can Grow Through Hydroponic System

As you have now basic idea about the types of hydroponic systems and how they work; here below are the plants that can be easily grown using the Fan & Pad Poly House.

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