Welcome to Zeelco Farms, a renowned leader in the realm of sustainable agriculture and a trusted supplier of cutting-edge greenhouse, net house, and hydroponics systems in India. Nestled in the heart of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, our journey at Zeelco Farms is characterized by a relentless commitment to promoting healthier and more eco-conscious farming practices.

At Zeelco Farms, we understand the evolving needs of modern agriculture, where quality and sustainability take precedence over quantity. In response to the prevailing use of chemical and hybrid fertilizers that compromise both food quality and environmental integrity, our mission is crystal clear: to elevate the standards of agricultural production. We are dedicated to offering solutions that empower farmers and enthusiasts alike to grow crops with unmatched quality, without compromising the environment.

Our extensive product range caters to every type of plant and geographical location, ensuring that our customers have access to the tools and knowledge needed for successful farming ventures. Whether you are embarking on a new greenhouse or net house project or seeking guidance to enhance existing ones, Zeelco Farms stands as your trusted partner from inception to fruition. Our seasoned team of agricultural experts oversees and guides every step of the development process to ensure the creation of an optimal greenhouse environment.

The surge in demand for organic food reflects a growing awareness of the importance of clean, pesticide-free produce. Zeelco Farms recognizes the significance of this trend and offers innovative solutions for cultivating organic crops. We go beyond traditional greenhouses by assisting you in establishing terrace farms and kitchen gardens, enabling you to grow essentials like coriander, spinach, chili, tomatoes, and various other kitchen vegetables. By joining hands with Zeelco Farms, you can have a direct supply of organic goodness from your terrace to your kitchen, making healthy eating an integral part of your daily life.

Usage of Zeelco Farms GreenHouse :

The greenhouse built by Zeelco Farms is specially designed and used for growing a variety of plants, vegetables, flowers, and fruits. The closed suitable environment of a greenhouse (poly house) offers an artificial surrounding for plants to grow healthily compared to open field production. Our greenhouse structure controls insects and diseases, is equipped with drip irrigation, and maintains heat and humidity as well.

Beneficial For Your Agriculture Business?

Zeelco Farms Manufacturer of Green House and Net House is considered the most reputable, innovative, progressive, socially responsible, innovative, and vibrant agriculture company with years of experience in helping farmers to grow plants in a larger amount using fewer efforts.

  • Brings the proven agriculture technology ensuring high production, maximum usage of manpower, and always ready to help.
  • Creating a model of humanity and an open environment for the aspirant farmers with all associated with it.
  • Ensure higher growth for all clients and help all the people working within the industry
  • Our Umbrella of Modern Farming Products :

Greenhouse Construction: Deliver end-to-end greenhouse solutions from soil testing to subsidy and bed preparation to the plantation to cultivation. All greenhouse construction activities are performed under the supervision of in-house agronomists and technicians.

Net House construction: Construct a specially designed net house at your farm to grow plants healthily. We help our clients from soil testing to harvesting and also guide them at every stage.

Hydroponics: Encourage and help aspirant farmers to grow plants in minimum soil and growing media. Making a special space for the plants to grow in a watery medium.

Open Field Farming: One of the widely used techniques in India, we help healthily grow plants even in the open field. Inspire the farmers to grow date palms in open field farms.

Terrace Farm and Kitchen Garden: Build mini-farms on your home rooftop, balcony, and backyard to fulfill the supply of organic vegetables to the kitchen daily.

In a world where organic food prices continue to rise, Zeelco Farms is committed to making quality and sustainable farming accessible to all. We invite you to partner with us in creating a greener, healthier future, one harvest at a time. Together, we can transform the way we grow and consume food, ensuring a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow. Zeelco Farms – where innovation, quality, and sustainability meet to redefine agriculture for a better world.